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Who we are?

The end of the financial runway is the main reason why new startups fail, therefore one of your biggest challenges as a founder would be to create a financial plan that will allow you to take your idea to the next step.

At CFO-Plan we help startups in different stages to build their financial plans, financial infrastructure and assist with the fundraising process.

CFO-Plan was set up to help you turn your ideas into a success story. How do we do that? We support you through the process of raising money, preparing you for your meeting with potential investors, and providing the support you need, so you can focus on growing your business.

Why choose us?

Because we believe in ideas and the people behind them. We want to be part of your success story and that is why we choose to work with start-ups in their early stages, even before the pre-seed fundraising.

What makes us different? We’ll meet with you in your early stages of Ideation and assist you in making your most significant financial decisions, and work together to build a financial strategy that works for you.

Clients speak

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“Ran and his team are an integral part of Novelrad – from managing cash flow and updating the business plan, through to the fundraising processes. They provide us with full financial support and guidance, which allows us to run our company and prepare for the next stage."
Netanel Sharabani
CEO - Novelrad
“I met Ran totally by chance when we worked in the same office building. We happened to be looking for a new CFO and we clicked immediately. Since then, CFO-plan has guided and assisted us. In addition to our professional relationship, the CFO-Plan team are just great people to work with.”
Asaf Tidhar
CEO - Spacing
We came to CFO Plan at a point where we were looking to build a forecasting and projection model for a whole new market. Ran accompanied us through the process in a professional and focused manner, paying attention to the finest of details. Engaging CFO Plan for this assignment was certainly the right choice for us
Marcel Elfersy
Chief Executive Officer - Impala Digital

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